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Arkbound employs both a free-to-play and play-and-earn model. To begin, players aren't required to connect to a Web 3 wallet, simplifying entry for traditional Web 2 gamers new to blockchain gaming. Only when trading NFTs on the marketplace is a wallet necessary. Essentially, Arkbound can be enjoyed as a classic action RPG.

In Arkbound, whether you're a traditional Web 2 gamer or a Web 3 enthusiast, you're guaranteed an exhilarating gaming experience.

To obtain an NFT, the main ways to collect the necessary components are:

  1. Quests

  2. Affixed Monsters

  3. Rift Challenges

  4. Arkanima Quests (Coming soon)

  5. Shop (Coming soon)

  6. Marketplace

Collecting from affixed monsters

Players can obtain Anima Prism NFT by defeating the monsters with special abilities.

Rift Challenges

There is a higher chance of obtaining the Anima Prism if you defeat all the monsters that spawn in a Rift Challenge.

Arkanima Quests (Coming Soon)

Inserting an Anima Prism into the quest activates the Animus Quest, which varies based on the type of Anima Prism players use. Within this quest, the Arkanima Boss awaits, and defeating it offers a chance at the legendary Ark Stone.


Players with personal crypto wallets can purchase NFTs directly from the Immutable X marketplace.

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