Our roadmap is designed to be adaptive, aligning with the progression of our project. The dates we've given are our present expectations for launches, but they might be adjusted based on development pace and external market influences. Regular updates and enhancements to the gaming experience will continue throughout.

H2 2022

・Core team establishment

・Roadmap v1.0

Q1 2023

・Core game system design

・Core system development

Q2 2023

・Core system development

・Gameplay balance adjustment

・Blockchain Integration

・GTM Strategy

Q3 2023

・Open beta test

・In-game NFT launch

Q4 2023

November 1st

  • Arkbound Membership Pass

  • Ark Stone NFT Collection launch

  • Golden Mushroom Time-limited Event

  • New Character Creation UI

December 18th

  • Cash Shop

  • New Region - Mira Cave

  • Updated Item Shop

Q1 2024

  • New Region - Toreara Cauldron

Q2 2024

  • Updated Quest Counter & Party Creation UI

  • Updated Game HUD & Spatial UI

  • Updated Settings Screen UI

  • New Region - Fuonazo Glacier

          - Furtuna Savannah

Q3 2024

  • New Region - Kenos Ruins

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