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3 Types of Arkbound NFTs

Dynamic NFTs

In the Arkbound universe, players will encounter two different types of NFT items: Anima Prism and Ark Stones.

Anima Prism

The primary items that players can obtain directly from quests. During each quest, players will encounter some monsters with special abilities; by defeating them, there is a chance to obtain these mysterious Anima Prism.

There are 6 Anima types:

  • Power (Fire Element)

  • Time (Ice Element)

  • Illusion (Wind Element)

  • Mind (Lightning Element)

  • Soul (Light Element)

  • Void (Dark Element)

Ark Stones

This notable item stands as a symbol of prestige, and can only be obtained by defeating the Arkanima Boss or through the Cash Shop (coming soon). Equipping it provides a special limited avatar, with more cosmetic items to come in the future.

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